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In 2020 there are great methods that couples can use to make save the date cards fast and effective to create.

With improvements in software applications and upgrades in home printing hardware, it has never been easier to craft delightful copies for wedding recipients.

Despite these improvements, there are couples who continue to get bogged down in the detail and haggle over costs until the entire exercise weighs them down.

This is even before the wedding invitations have been sent!

We will discuss some simple steps that will help participants to quickly generate their save the date cards to reduce their stress and manage their time better.


Use a Pre-Designed Template

When time is of the essence with save the date cards, use a template that is already available to download and print. This can be generated at home in front of the desktop or laptop, or it can be obtained through a local printer outlet. An entire catalog of options is out there, ranging from the classic and traditional styles to sleek modern creations or the outright humorous. Remember – this is a creative exercise with far less decorum and formality about it than the actual wedding invitations. These templates can be used directly or as basic backdrop designs before putting a unique spin on the style.


Source Help

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Although there are some very skilled women and men out there who can design and execute save the date cards all by themselves, many are not so fortunate. Particularly with work and family commitments, overseeing such a task can be stressful and time-consuming. Reach out for help with the other partner, with friends, family members or professional printers who can carry much of the burden. The latter option can extenuate the time for the project, but if there are too many other daily commitments to juggle then it could be the best opportunity.


Keep the Card Simple

The most time-efficient means of fast-tracking save the date cards with their design is adhering to the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid. The only details that have to be illustrated on paper are as follows: the title of “save the date,” the names of the couple, the date and the location. That is the very basic outline that will inform creators about what is involved, allowing them to invest other hours with the printing and distribution of the stock. Leave the pomp and ceremony for other domains to deliver these goods on time.


Save Additional Information for the Social Media Page

So the KISS principle is in play here with save the date cards, but what happens when the couple does have some very specific stipulations and this basic design is simply not enough information? Well, this is where social media becomes advantageous, offering an account or page to fill in the blanks, particularly for those recipients who might be overseas, interstate or require special arrangements. Rather than being consumed by the physical product of the card itself, these sites provide a way for the couple to go into detail, opening the lines of communication in the event that circumstances do change in the intervening days and weeks.


Source Spare Copies as Contingency

In the event that there has to be some last-minute alterations with the guest list, ensure that there are some spare copies for save the date cards. Contingency planning can feel counterproductive to the very notion of time-saving activities, but it does work when the time comes to seek a quick solution that was not originally planned. Going back and forth between designers and post offices is not what any couple wants to deal with just months out from their big day.



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