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How do shoppers narrow their search to find the best prescription sunglasses in their local area?

Consumers who have experience in this industry before will know just where to turn and who to deal with, but this will always be a new venture for younger sections of the market.

Take stock of what others have said about when trying to find the best prescription sunglasses.


1) Working With Reputable Providers

No two locations will be the same when it comes to providers of prescription sunglasses. Consumers in densely populated metropolitan areas will have greater competition for customer dollars than their suburban and rural counterparts. Whatever the market may be within the local area, it is worthwhile expanding on online check for outlets in the region to see what is available and who is actually well-credentialed. The comments and feedback by other consumers will be a great reference point, offering an unfiltered reflection of business performance.


2) Sourcing an Updated Prescription

There are some responsibilities for customers who are on the lookout for a quality pair of prescription sunglasses. These goods cannot just be grabbed off the counter if they are to actually address the needs of the user. By acquiring an updated prescription with the local optometrist, suppliers will be able to offer the right item that is customised accordingly. They will detail the provisions for pupillary distance (PD), the axis, the sphere (SPH), bifocals (ADD), cylinder (CYL), Oculus Dexter (OD) and Oculus Sinister (OS). This analysis will address anyone suffering from long or short-sighted vision impairments.


3) Appropriate Frame Measurement & Shape

There is a stark contrast between prescription sunglasses and common reading glasses. Given the exposure to the outside glare and the sunlight rays, these items are recommended to have a minimum lens height of 30mm for comprehensive coverage. Once that benchmark has been met, it is important to match the frame with the face shape. This will expand from square frames to oval shapes, heart designs and round dynamics. If there is a match between the product and the user, that will offer the best function day to day for the customer.


4) Personal Style

woman wearing prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses can be sleek, sexy and cool. Just because they are sourced from a prescription, there is nothing to stop these valuables from looking the part outdoors. Customers have the chance to scour suppliers for the type of style they are offering, allowing brands to put their own spin and interpretation on the market. This will feature the cool tones with black, grey, silver and blue solutions to the bright green, gold and rich brown alternatives. Thick frames and thin frames offer their own variety as well as brand placement, but this is a subjective decision for the consumer.


5) User Comfort

Prescription sunglasses that rest uneasy on the bridge of the nose won’t be worth the time or money. Even if they tick all of the aesthetic boxes, they have to perform a very narrow task for consumers that want a comfortable fit with their lens selection. This is where it is important for clients to walk into stores within their local area, consult with experts and try on items that seem appealing and match their prescription details. Especially during the spring and summer months, these materials will enjoy a lot of use so they better be comfortable to wear.


6) Taking Time With The Search

To run price comparisons and defer to different local outlets, the most important practice with finding these items is to be patient. There will be outlets who might have to outsource or order their stock as its important from a different market. If that is the case, it is better to take a diligent approach and wait for that set of prescription sunglasses rather than rushing the purchase and settling for a second-best brand.


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