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Are you thinking about becoming a dentist in Chatswood? This is not an easy choice and it is going to require you to do a lot of thinking beforehand to ensure that this is the right career decision for you – since it is not easy by any stretch of the imagination!

This is a serious medical profession in which you will have a lot of responsibility (and liability) surrounding what you do. The last thing you want is to be responsible for doing damage to someone’s teeth and gums because you failed in some way as a professional due to the fact this was not the right career path for you.

This is why it essential to see if you are well suited to this kind of job by asking yourself a few important questions first. Smile Craft Dental gave 3 traits you have to consider before you decide to try and become a dentist in Chatswood.


1.    Do you have a steady hand?

One of the most important traits of any dentist in Chatswood is that they have a steady hand and firm grip. These two things are essential in order to be able to safely do the precise work that you will be required to do within the mouths of your patients with regards to the health and function of their teeth and gums.

You can’t be someone who will slip with an instrument or accidentally drop it into their throat – this would be disastrous and potentially very harmful to the patient. Also, any patient who suffers due to your carelessness would be likely to develop a fear of your profession and this may affect their future oral health since they might not go to see a dentist in Chatswood as often.

This is why it’s essential that you are not a clumsy person and are instead very careful and focused if you are going to pursue this type of career. You can’t afford to be the kind of person who will make silly mistakes as these mistakes won’t be silly for the person on the receiving end.


2.    Do you have a good bedside manner?

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You can’t forget that a dentist in Chatswood is a type of doctor who needs to be able to calm patients and make them feel confident about the procedures they are undertaking. If you can engender confidence in your patients, then they will probably go elsewhere since they don’t feel comfortable with you doing the work.

Sitting in an examination chair, opening your mouth wide and having people work inside your mouth is naturally a pretty awkward experience UNLESS you work to make it more comfortable for them and lighten the mood. This is why most experienced dentists in Chatswood are humorous people who like to have a laugh with their patients and talk to them while they undergo procedures so that they feel relaxed and less like they are in a cold clinical environment.

This bedside manner is especially important when you are working with children or people who have phobias about getting oral work done. You need to be able to calm down people and reassure them that they are in safe hands.


3.    Do you have academic endurance?

Becoming a dentist in Chatswood is something that will take many years of studying in medical and dental school, so you need to ensure that you have the endurance to handle all of that study. If you aren’t naturally good at studying and dedicating yourself to a profession, then you will fail before you’ve even begun.

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