Outdoor Signage Vegan Cafe

When I opened my all-natural vegan coffee shop last year, signage printing was definitely not on my mind. My business is located in the nook of a forgotten alleyway surrounded by outdoor equipment stores and car dealerships. I was so excited. This had been my dream since what feels like forever. I wanted to open a place where the food is so delicious not even non-vegans can resist it.

The café itself is perfect. There are plush comfortable chairs, homey wooden tables, warm lighting and the smell of freshly ground coffee saturating the air. My employees are friendly and welcoming and my food is scrumptious. I incorporate healthy ingredients and intense flavours that will appeal to anyone- if anyone ever showed up. My café was so small and so tucked away that no one knew it was even there. Customers would appear sporadically and as a result, my business was failing. That’s when I took matters into my own hands by contacting one of the many printing and signage companies in the area. I thought business may improve if I had a large vinyl sign advertising the café.

So I went to a company that does outdoor signage printing. I decided on a format that captures the spirit of my café. There are leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables surrounding an image of the earth. The way they overlap and migrate symbolises my belief that we are all connected. On top, in simple text, is the name of my café, our slogan, our telephone number and email. I even created a page for us on Facebook to put on the vinyl sign. The material is steady and dependable, the sign itself large enough to see from a distance. I received special permission from the neighboring businesses to place the banner on the building.

At first, I thought there was no change. Business was slow. I was devastated, thinking that my quest to find the perfect vinyl sign was for nothing. Then, after a week, I noticed that more and more people were coming in. By the two week mark, paying my employees became easier and I found myself finally relaxing. The outdoor signage had worked. Customers were coming in with stories about spotting us from across the busy highway on the way home from work. People shopping for camping equipment were popping in for a protein ball or two.

Nowadays, business is booming. So, if you feel like your business is invisible, printing services is must required. Otherwise, your business may go unnoticed.