It was a typical night in Wayne Manor. Bruce was checking all of his various gadgets for any criminal activity, while Alfred was in the kitchen making tea. Bruce seemed a little more agitated than usual this evening, and Alfred was trying every remedy he could think of to get him to calm his nerves. He hoped there would be no crime this evening, as he really wanted Bruce to get a good night’s sleep for a change.

Alfred poured the two cups of tea and brought them into the dining room, where Bruce sat on the edge of his seat looking into three different scanners. The fireplace crackled behind him.

“Why don’t you put those down for a minute and have some tea, sir?” Alfred asked of Bruce. “You’ve got to keep your wits about you.”

“I’ve got my wits, Alfred,” Bruce replied. “But there is something happening. I sense we’re about to be attacked right here in Wayne Manor. Can’t you hear that rustling from above?”

Alfred took a moment to try and listen. He was unable to hear anything. “Sir, I think you might be imagining things.”

“I’m not, Alfred. I can hear something. I am a hearing specialist, remember?”

“Well, yes, sir. I guess if you are going to call yourself The Batman that kind of comes with the territory. But do you think that is just coming from the fact that you’re still wearing your cowl?”

Bruce turned to Alfred suddenly. He did look rather ridiculous wearing his cowl with his sweatpants and jumper. “What are you saying, Alfred?”

“Well, the cowl comes with super-sensitive hearing technology—the stuff that makes you a hearing specialist—so maybe you’re just being exposed to that. I don’t think there is anyone trying to break into Wayne Manor.”

A few seconds later The Penguin smashed through the skylight and landed at Bruce’s feet. Just before he began to bring him down he quickly gave Alfred ‘the look.’ Alfred just continued to drink his tea.